Testing different offices and sofas, diving into the ball pool in between and, of course, buying candles at the end. Eating Köttbullar, hot dogs and cinnamon buns all day long! Who hasn't dreamed of taking in an IKEA and just feeling at home? We fulfilled this dream at IKEA Regensburg at the beginning of March and spent a whole day working there.

Working out of office done differently 


Normally, we take our VW buses out into nature on #woooday, unfold the camping chairs and tables and work outdoors. We know from experience that a change of location is perfect for clearing the mind, getting creative together and experiencing inspiring teamwork.


After a few weeks of winter break, we felt the need to work somewhere else again as a whole team. As it was still too cold outside, we had to think of an alternative.

At some point, during our lunch break together, we had the idea that it would be quite exciting and special to move our "working-out-of-office-day" to the IKEA. This idea stuck with us and we contacted IKEA Regensburg. After a phone call, it was quickly clear: it's a match!


And so we went straight into the planning phase, in which the entire IKEA team gave us wonderful support. Communication materials were designed, Format D sweatshirts ordered, equipment for a secure internet connection and the team packed.


Best practise: ball bath 


Finally, the time had come and we went to IKEA with 16 people. And as was to be expected, we felt very comfortable and it was not difficult for us to become productive immediately in the beautiful and varied office environment provided for us.


In addition to the large selection of office furniture, an office concept was set up on the sales floor to serve as inspiration for home office but also business customers. So everything was already there: height-adjustable desks, comfortable chairs, seating areas, a kitchenette and a conference room. All we had to do was open our laptops and we were ready to go. Beyond this office area, however, we were allowed to spread out over the entire space and sometimes sat on the sofas and in the beds - even briefly in the ball pool. A colleague even liked one sofa so much that it was packed away and brought home in the evening.


On top of this already very special day, there was a guided tour of the store, the warehouse and the processes behind the scenes, followed by a typical Swedish lunch.


Overwhelmed by this special experience and the nice people we met on this day, our thanks go to the entire team at IKEA Regensburg!


Tack så mycket!

We are always looking for new adventures and exciting locations. Where could we go next?

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