The concept behind it


We then sometimes work somewhere else, and properly revise our office routine. Thanks to our two special VW expedition Bullis and a self-built LTE antenna on a surf mast, we are mobile and online at the same time. We pack our laptops, post-its, pens, food, drinks, then collect the collegues, and off we go. What started in August 2017 has quickly established itself as a regularly requested event.

Arbeiten im Freien Drohnenaufnahme

Office with a mountain view?Why not an office in the mountains

The GEO WALDEN magazine which primarily focuses on the nature and outdoor experience

topics also read about our ambitious projects, and has since been reporting regularly about our



Where might our next “outdoor office” take us?

Suggestions are welcome:


Basic equipment

  • LTE antenna
  • Fridge
  • 10 qm awning
  • 220 V electricity
  • 240 Watt of solar energie
  • Gascooker
  • Grill
  • 100 Liter Water
Aufbau Arbeitsumgebung im Freien von Münchener Agentur
For what reason? Change of scene is good: the natural scenery inspires creativity, the seclusionensures little distraction, facilitates the inspiration, as well as a conductive working atmosphere, and allows focused and efficient work. Whether in summer or winter, it takes us to selected locations like the Kochelsee, pictures quevineyards at “Gut Herrmannsdorf” near Stuttgart or all the way up to snowy Tyrolean mountains. Meetings are held on picnic blankets, telephone conferences are conducted on the bus, and creative ideas are exchanged while chopping wood.
Christian Schüller Teamicon
Draußen Arbeiten mit VW Bussen am See