Fish, shrimp, shellfish: KAGERER’s day-to-day business is admittedly mouth-watering. The company is one of the leading importers of seafood and gourmet foods in Europe and specializes in an extensive range of ingredients for creative Southeast Asian cuisine.


KAGERER is located directly at the source of its products and guarantees the freshness and quality of each purchase. To properly convey this message, the company needed a “fresh” platform (yes, we know it’s a pun). This platform is intended to give customers a clearer understanding of KAGERER products and to make digital ordering (literally) more palatable.

  • Master plan
  • User experience design
  • User interface design
  • Content strategy
  • Technical concept
  • Illustration + Iconography
  • Technical implementation
Kagerer Tablet viewport

An inspiring company that makes shopping easy.

Before the KAGERER shop was relaunched, orders were received through a whole range of different channels, such as phone calls, e-mails, and sometimes even photographs of handwritten shopping lists that were barely legible. That’s why the new shop’s main feature is a “quick shopping tool” that lets users create personalized shopping lists directly on the website and even includes an automatic search for the listed products. Customers with an existing selection of products can also simply repeat their orders here. This tool bundles all the previous shopping processes within the online shop, offers clear added value, and simplifies the flow, both for customers and for KAGERER itself.


The shop as a total package feels not only “fresh” but also clearly structured and simple, as well as emotive and inspiring. In addition to typical product categories, platform users can also be inspired by the type of cuisine and KAGERER’s own brands. A different kind of hero slider on the homepage in the shape of a ship’s wheel shows the company’s most important areas and values.

Kagerer Components
Kagerer Components
Kagerer Mobile viewport
Kagerer Design implementation
Kagerer design wireframe

Whole worlds to discover instead of a bog standard online shop

A shop that doesn’t feel like a shop, but instead like a company website with its own personality.

A shopping experience that lets you find what you’re looking for quickly and also allows you to

discover new products and ingredients. To create this experience, we mainly worked with the Shopware Shopping Experiences from a technical perspective, and massively expanded the standard functions they offered. What was especially interesting was the technical

implementation of the quick shop with a sophisticated concept, an integrated search function, and the option to repeat orders.

Kagerer Technik