Market leader under the enterprise CMS systems  

Worldwide over 90.000 Websites have been realized with TYPO3. The Open Source project,

which does not require a license, is backed by over 100.000 community members, which are

constantly developing new features. TYPO3 offers Active Security Management, visioning,

editorial flow and scalability. But also multisite-management of various apps and sites in one

system is no problem for TYPO3.

Silver Member
CMS Certified Integrator (TCCI)


  • 90.000 TYPO3 sites worldwide
  • 100.000 community members
  • TYPO3 supports 50 languages
  • Open Source – No licence required


  • Sponsor of various TYPO3-Events (TYPO3Camp, Inspiring Flow Conference)
  • Guest lecturer for TYPO3 in the course Webdevelopment at the Hochschule SAE
We have been working with TYPO3 since version 3.5 (2002). During this time we developed over a hundred websites, which included complex extensions, interfaces and heterogeneous system environments. We find it very important to attend a variety of events each year surrounding the TYPO3 world to gather information about new technologies and share our own findings and solutions.