This future oriented content management systems focuses on an easy to use user interface. Content can be edited directly in the website, without any work around and abstract lines of code. Neos does not only offer modern Content-Management features, but also excellent options for extensions. This is possible because under the hood neos consists of a powerful Flow Framework. The quality and readability of the actual code is far better than with any other Open-Source CMS solution. This leads to higher security and lower maintainance costs. For us, Neos is the first choice if it comes to developing and maintaining a complex content structure.

NEOS Longtime Supporter Zertifikat

CMS Excellence Award 


  • Open Source  (no "Vendor Lock-In")
  • Direct ("Inline") Editing
  • Focus on individual extensions
  • Content variation for user-groups
  • Preview for various devices


  • More than 20 websites already released with Neos
  • Development of a social intranet for a tecDAX company on the basis of Neos
  • Regularly attending various events
  • Guest-Location of the Neos Meetup in Munich
Backend von NEOS
Neos is a content application platform which consists of a specially developed PHP Frameworkas its foundation. Neos and Flow have been created with the focus of editing the content andprocesses, so that they fit the needs of the clients. This means the author can edit text, imagesand other media directly in the website with a visual feedback. The content elements can be individually changed to match any design concept the customer desires.
Benno Weinzierl Teamicon