The May issue of PAGE, the magazine of the creative industry, focuses on different design methods and processes. Since we take a very intensive and unique approach with our Key Sprint, our strategist Alina and our UX/UI designer Victoria were interviewed by author Nina Kirst about our approach in this creative and exciting project phase.


For two years now, we have been working on the strategy and concept in the form of a low-fi prototype for a new product within five days in an interdisciplinary team. Each day is meticulously planned to give the creative chaos a clear order and structure and to always keep the core goal in sight. Alina and Victoria describe our process in the Key Sprint using the development of a web app for the Goetz Collection, which has been in use at the Munich City Museum since the end of April. 

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I've been a big fan of the concept and design process at Format D since day 1, so it's even nicer that we were able to share that process now. 
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