In the 61st issue of t3n, Vicky writes about animating using Lottie. Lottie is a plug-in that creates

vector-based illustrations and integrates them into the website without any fuss – and without

the designers having to learn a new tool. This is because the animations can be built using Adobe

After Effects and then exported as JSON files seamlessly. Lottie is also getting developers excited,

as high-performance code can be implemented easily with the Lottie web player. A win for both



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t3n Artikel zu Lottie Animationen von Victoria Rauch
For me, Lottie has become an incredibly useful animation tool. Not just because it enables you to create a scalable animation with simple tools, but also because the animation can then easily be implemented into the web. Sharing this expertise with other designers in printed format was an exciting experience.
Victoria Rauch Teamicon
Lottie Artikel in der t3n Ausgabe 61