In the middle of the preparations for this year's Workation in Tuscany, the editors of the business magazine brand eins approached us with a main topic that speaks to us more than any other: appreciation


Because an appreciative working culture has been at the core of our strategic goals and actions since Format D was founded 18 years ago. How does Format D manage to build a working culture in which values such as trust, professionalism and flexibility are tangible for everyone and in which working simply feels special? What does fun have to do with quality, success and innovative projects? To answer this question and experience what it's like to be part of our team, journalist Hannes M. Kneissler and photographer Diambra Mariani visited us in Tuscany for three days and got their impression.


The result is a colourful article about our working atmosphere and our productive work at eye level in a very special environment. It is precisely this core that we are proud of, which we have built up here over the last 18 years with a high focus on freedom, transparency, responsibility and passion. We are very happy that we can also reach and inspire others with this "valuable" way of thinking!


As an add-on, there are a few insights in the brand eins podcast with Christian in conversation, which can be listened to on Spotify and under the title "The company as paradise".

Click here for the podcast episode "The company as paradise"
Why does our work culture even make it into the brand eins and is perceived as exceptional appreciation? After all, it is a basis for positive and professional work - and not only for ourselves, but our customers and their products also benefit from it.
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