The concept behind it


There are many resource planning tools in the digital environment, and many promise to significantly improve numerous aspects: Productivity, efficiency, overview. We have also tried many different solutions but weren't really happy with any of them. Our key requirement for the long-term planning is the option to receive a truly agile and quick overview of the time as well as the resources for everyone on the team. Always visible. Jointly discussable, tangible, and “imaginable”. During our search, we stumbled upon a very interesting analogue alternative: The resource planning using LEGO bricks. 


We've been using this analog solution for 2 years, but since we are also constantly testing new processes, our detailed planning is currently and once again being supported by a digital solution that is included in our new agency software. However, we still use pebbles for the preliminary planning, so everyone is provided with a quick overview of the planned projects and available times.

Download building construction manual PDF


Download Excel template

Ressourcenplanung mit LEGO Wandkalender
The Lego wall is also versatile for the media planning, project management, or other types of processes. Our “rebuild” website inspired many others, and the creations were more than impressive. Even a luxury car brand has considered the wall of colorful building blocks for its manual production planning!
LEGO Bausteine am Wandkalender