10 years, 10 months and 10 days... followed by a 13-hour party! Thanks to having unbelievable

luck with the weather, we were able to hold a bash with everything we wanted, from Format

outDoors to Format Disco. Format D’s second decade might just have to go by a bit faster so that

we can hold another blow-out celebration as soon as possible. 


Thanks to everyone involved! Everyone played their part in making this amazing day, that rolled

into an amazing night, fantastic. We especially want to thank everyone who provided music and

amenities: Jazz Police, Live Act Claire Jul , DJ Gallo, the Grillin me softly team, CREW Republic,

and the Rebholz Vineyard!

 Courtyard 10 Years Format D Event
Grillen me softly 10 Years Format D Event
Innenhof Crew Republic 10 Jahre Format D Event
Jazz Police Music 10 Years Format D Event