A credit card is personal. It’s valuable. There are many reasons to use the online portal for your credit card. You might want to find a contact person. Maybe regulate your financial activity. See what benefits are available to you.


How do we get users to visit the portal often, and most importantly to enjoy using it? With this in mind, we got to work on the credit card portal for Sparkasse.

  • Digital strategy
  • Master plan
  • User interface design
  • Content strategy
  • Animation
  • Technical implementation
Sparkasse Design cards

Your credit card. Your world of benefits.

Your presence online should be personal, just like your credit card. Secure. Familiar. To get users to visit the website regularly, we had to emphasize the added value that the portal brings to them. The design challenge was therefore getting the balance just right: important subjects, such as online authentication procedures or services, combined with building a personalized world of benefits via the Sparkasse credit card, complete with shopping discounts and travel perks. 


The result was a portal that felt like a mix between coming home and celebrating your birthday – with an inspiring world of benefits tailored to the individual at the heart of the platform, a regularly updated digital magazine, a personal dashboard and enough space left over for services and security.

Sparkasse Tablet version
Sparkasse Vorteil cards

One portal – many interfaces

The biggest technical and conceptual challenge was to create a login area, in which the

corresponding individual added value and services for the card product are displayed for each Sparkasse customer according to a complex criteria matrix. The TYPO3 portal in the background is also highly “networked”, i.e., is connected to several interfaces with third party systems.

sparkasse Technik