SCHOCK is the inventor of the granite sink, made from a quartz composite, and offers a variety of kitchen sinks, taps and accessories. A burning objective guides this passionate company: continuously striving to make life around the kitchen sink brighter, more beautiful and more comfortable, with innovation, passion and artisan craftwork.  


We have been able to implement our expertise at various points for this refreshing manufacturer, who is proud to make their wares in Germany. We executed a usability check, optimized the user experience for the website, created animations and took care of the concept and technical implementation of the project pages “Green Line” and “Carbon – The Ultimate Sink”. 


  • Usability Check
  • Facelift UX/ UI
  • Animation
  • Illustration
  • Technical concept
  • Technical implementation
CSS Design Awards 
UX Design
CSS Design Awards 
UI Design
Schock Header

A positive experience in usability and beyond 

Anyone who knows SCHOCK knows that SCHOCK is different. “Color your life” isn’t only reflected in their motto and corporate ethos, it’s also reflected in their communication to the outside world. We were excited by the combination of this refreshing approach and the company’s openness to trying out new things.


We started off with an extensive usability check of the existing website and, based on the optimizing results that came from it, we began a primary facelift for In addition to troubleshooting smaller bugs and an optimizing responsivity on the website, we ensured that the extraordinary interface of SCHOCK was represented using a straightforward design system.


Naturally, we couldn’t miss out on improving the general user experience too. To achieve this, we put ourselves in the target group’s shoes again and considered the existing modules from a user’s point of view. Among other elements, we designed a new introduction to the landing page, improved the navigation and expanded the product worlds with interactive hotspot sections that illustrate combinations of products instead of just showing them individually. In order to bring in more of a lively tone overall, we integrated animations and inspirational segments with social media walls.

Schock Components

Interactive online worlds for the new product lines.

In addition to the facelift, we created individual sites for both of the new products, “Carbon” and “Green Line”, for the purposes of digital communication. The challenge:  While the SCHOCK Carbon is a luxury product, the Green Line represents sustainability and recycling – both product lines thus required very different communication strategies and needed to provide different user experiences. The Carbon page now wins customers over with its elegant interface and modern 3D scroll animations which show the Carbon sink with Apple-style graphics. The Green Line sink, on the other hand, comes alive through its remarkable visual language, storytelling approach and spirited animated content.

SCHOCK Carbon mobile Screens
SCHOCK Green Line Screens

The underlying technology

The website, which is incredibly comprehensive as a whole, has a complex interface for importing product data from internal systems and not only imports the products themselves automatically but also takes the product configurator, filters etc. into account. For the extensions and adaptations that we created, we familiarized ourselves with the present system and expanded it. The microsites for the product lines were created using the existing NEOS installation. The 3D scroll animation of the Carbon sink was created by using individual frames from a 3D rendering which change when the user scrolls and thus give the impression of an interactive video.

SCHOCK Technik