REXCAR is a B2B auction platform for selling vehicles. This means that REXCAR creates a direct link between car dealerships which want to sell trade-in and lease-return vehicles and the car dealers who wish to buy them.

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  • Technical implementation
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Car bids at the ready in three, two, one... go!

Right here, from the get go – in addition to branding and naming, we worked primarily on designing and implementing this extensive vehicle auction platform. This builds the framework for enabling car dealerships and dealers to meet directly, cutting out the middle man. Despite the complex technology whirring “under the hood” (real-time auction mechanics, saveable searches, management of purchaser circles, multi-client capability, payment process, etc.), the user is always provided with a clear interface that is operated intuitively.

Rexcar workshop and planning
Format-D Designer in action
Rexcar Website Component

App-driven technology

The REXCAR platform was realized with the Flow framework and a few expansion modules,

some of which have been developed in-house. The real-time auction function proved one of the big challenges. In addition to a lot of work in conception and programming alone, we also had to put some elbow grease into the testing process. Providing, selecting and filtering vehicle data is done via an interface to the DAT Group (Deutsche Automobil Treuhand). Using Elasticsearch, we implemented the search function and also enabled search queries to be saved. Furthermore we used the React.js framework, which makes our platform appear as simple as an app.

Rexcar Technik

... and that’s not all:

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