It all started with a pilot project in Rosenheim in 2016. Today, RECUP operates a national deposit-return system throughout Germany for reusable coffee-to-go cups and is now even cooperating with international partners.


The latest development for the RECUP partner platform was a challenging and exciting task. Uniting extensive and individual demands for functionality with intuitive operability and process optimization required a huge amount of design work.

  • System landscape concept
  • User experience concept
  • User interface design
  • E-Commerce platform
  • Automated test processes
  • System interfaces
  • Fullstack development
Recup Mobile Version

Just a simple online shop? 
That’s what you think!

A significant proportion of the partner platform is comprised of managing cup issuing points and their memberships. The Shopware standard has thus been expanded and now includes some highly complex modules. Here, a large number of individual and differing processes and statuses needed to be taken into consideration and shown: orders, payments, durations for memberships, connection to external interfaces etc.



Working with a start-up like RECUP, which is sustainable and so approachable, is a great honorfor us and is also great fun!
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Recup Card Items
Recup Mitgliedschaft Design
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The underlying technology


Once more the Shopware foundation needed to undergo huge expansions and adjustments,

executed via customized special developments. One example is how customer addresses can

now be “upgraded” to issuing points. Users can then create memberships for these issuing points and manage them on their own. Another special characteristic is that most of the items in the shop are deposit-return articles and thus are not actually "bought” per se. Last but not least, the partner platform features several interfaces (some of which are bidirectional) to external systems – payment, ERP, logistics as well as the RECUP mobile app, developed in-house.

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