The Nemetschek Group is a world-leading software manufacturer for architects, engineers, construction companies, and facility managers serving 2.7 million users in 142 countries with 15 brands.


The innovative software solutions are setting new standards in the field of digital construction. The Nemetschek Group relied on us for the development and realization of a social intranet portal.

  • Communication strategy
  • Master plan
  • User interface design
  • Content strategy
  • Communication material
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We are many, we are diverse, we are ONE.

The challenge? The Nemetschek Group has more than 2,000 employees throughout the world. We created ONE to unite everyone under one digital roof – a sophisticated, browser-based social intranet. As a tailor-made social platform, ONE does far more than simply provide information as a classic intranet system does. Above all, it promotes a sense of group-internal cohesion. The introduction of ONE alone – a company-wide video campaign that we supported – was a great success, and we had an almost overwhelming number of people registering just after going live.

Nemetschek Layout Desktop
Nemetschek Layout Desktop
Nemetschek Employee Card
Nemetschek Team Format-D
BGL Working Out Of Office Tag
Nemetschek Layout Desktop

The nerdy stuff

The key technical objective of the project was essentially to create a streamlined and flexible

application character coupled with simple editorial manageability of the content.

The Neos CMS which is based on the flow framework, offers an excellent basis for this.

The user interface was developed with React, whereby the content from Neos was supplied

through a JSON API. The media management built into Neos has been extended to reflect the

complex user rights scenario of many Nemetschek brands.

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