MUSIC CONNECTS is a volunteer association that supports the musical education and development of young refugees in various host countries. When the association’s request for a new website reached us, it didn’t take long for us to answer. We’re delighted to support such a great organization with our expertise, even if it’s not a flashy, expensive solution. 


In close cooperation with MUSIC CONNECTS, we designed and produced a new online presence and their own project landing page for supporters and refugees.


  • Masterplan
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Implementation
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CSS Design Awards 
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Music Connects Project Overview

Sharing music and spreading hope 

The objectives and visions of MUSIC CONNECTS were quickly made clear to us in a joint strategy meeting with the organization. In the subsequent UX workshop, we designed a straightforward information architecture for the website which draws in the various target groups (interested parties, NGOs, partners etc.) in a user-friendly manner. Paired with an emotive interface design, the new website now gives MUSIC CONNECTS a clear voice which it can use to engage with the public.



The moving images from the projects and passionate reports on experiences complement the stark contrasts used in the user interface. This allows users to truly grasp MUSIC CONNECTS’ clear mission and dive into their world – a world in which opportunities for artistic development are not a given, and can be something really special. A world that can suddenly become filled with hope and color by making music together.


In addition to the association’s website, we also created a concept for individual project sites. These are separate from the association’s website and are intended to bring the content of the individual charity projects into the limelight in the form of independent landing pages. They can thus directly address refugees, most importantly, and also potential supporters in the relevant host countries and invite them to experience, learn and participate in music.


Music Connects Projektbeschreibung
Music Connects Jordanien Projekt
Music Connects - Hoffnung musizieren
Music Connects Design Figma
Music Connects UX Workshop Information Architecture

Lots of content management with little coding 

Even if it’s only being implemented on a small scale, a website should be able to be maintained by its editors. We decided against labor-intensive in-house development and created the elements using a modular system from Squarespace. Individual components and design elements that could not be created using Squarespace’s standard services (such as having the site available in two different languages) were added through user-defined code.

Music Connects Technik