LEIMER bakes over 300 tonnes of fresh white bread every day - only to grind it up afterwards and process it into the well-known LEIMER products: Breadcrumbs, croutons ... The traditional and internationally active company with around 160 employees was founded by the brothers Josef and Carl Leimer. In 1919, they took over the fine bakery and confectionery Jäger in Traunstein and built up a large bakery in parallel.

The relaunch of the website was combined with a facelift of the brand. The core objective: combine the company's sense of tradition with modernity, enjoyment and cooking pleasure. The new digital brand now shows LEIMER in all its facets: As a crumb specialist with the highest quality standards and a large product range for end consumers and gastronomy, as well as with individual solutions for major customers. 

  • Digital rebranding
  • User experience concept
  • User interface design
  • Content strategy
  • Technical concept & implementation
  • ElasticSearch
  • Breadcrumbs :) 
Fresh Bread - Fresh UI

The colours in the brand's logo were taken up for recognition in digital and refreshed with the help of small twists in brightness, saturation and hue. Different gradations of red and blue provide lightness and freshness. In the font, we also stayed close to the core of the brand. The font, familiar from analogue, is broken up by a timeless second form in italics with diagonal weight emphasis, which bridges the gap between old and new. Round shapes bring modernity to the UI and at the same time represent a metaphor to the organic products.

New: The LEIMER recipe world

Through creative application ideas in the recipes, away from the classic schnitzel, the new website offers the end consumer further added value. Pork fillet in puff pastry, fried mozzarella, apricot dumplings... The best dishes are created with LEIMER products. The dedicated recipe area not only makes our mouths water, but also forms another content pillar of the new website. All recipes are smartly linked to the LEIMER products.


The technology behind it

The website is based on the NEOS content management system. We have developed our own design system in the LEIMER CI, so that content can be easily and flexibly maintained by the content editors. The products can also be easily created and edited in NEOS using templates. These can be filtered according to product types and characteristics in order to find the right products for users and their needs more quickly. For this, we used the ElasticSearch search engine to perform and combine many types of searches. Speed, customisability and reliability are just a few of the advantages. In the meantime, ElasticSearch is one of the most important full-text search engines on the internet and many large companies use the software and have been working successfully with it for several years.