Vaccination certificates, or Yellow Cards, have enjoyed a cult status in the world of vaccines for decades. But let’s be honest: Who hasn’t forgotten their Yellow Card once in a while or lost it for a few weeks, only to luckily find it behind a cabinet when you’re cleaning the house?


Labor Becker & Kollegen thus commissioned us to push past the limits of traditional laboratory work and come up with and develop Bambinipass – an app that gives parents a constant overview of the health status of their children.

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  • Technical concept
  • Technical implementation
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Labor Becker Mobile Version

Looking for your Yellow Card? Make it easy on yourself!

With the Bambinipass, parents can enter their children’s check-up and vaccine appointments simply and easily on their smartphone. Once a vaccine has been given, or if the child has been ill and had measles, for example, then this can also be recorded and saved with a few clicks. The app also gives reminders to tell parents when their children are due to have new vaccines and check-ups.


The best thing about it is: This is all accomplished without having to look everywhere for your Yellow Card, without an “oh no, I’ve left the exam booklet at home!” and without having to decipher notes written in a doctor’s cryptic hand.

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... and that’s not all: 

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