Labor Becker & Kollegen was one of the first-ever medical laboratories to be founded in Germany. The service directory of this medium-sized company covers the entire spectrum of analytic laboratory medicine.


And, as if this medical care center wasn’t doing enough important work already, the company has set itself an entirely new goal: Taking away children’s fear of shots. We rose to the task by creating and implementing a mobile gaming app.

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  • User experience design
  • User interface design
  • Animation
  • Content strategy
  • Technical implementation
  • Illustration
  • Technical concept
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Fabi Game Animation

A shot is a walk in the park

We came up with a character, Magic Fabi, for this mobile game app. This cute magical creature prepares children for their shot through the game. Fabi doesn’t mind if the children give him an injection – he likes it! The children can accompany Fabi to the doctor and can play the game to see the exact process for themselves. This aid isn’t just for kids – it helps out parents and the doctors, too.


Sketch by sketch, we brought Fabi to life and created an app that imagines a colorfully illustrated world in which vaccinations and blood samples are child’s play. It doesn’t just work on kids: We’ve also gone along with Fabi and the last blood sample was a snap – there you go!  

Fabi Game Labor Becker
Fabi, Labor becker game
Fabi, Labor becker game
Fabi, Design Illustration
Fabi, illustration
Fabi, design elements

Comfort zone? It’s nothing!

Fabi isn’t just fun for kids, he also took our developers into a whole new galaxy. This was our

first project in which we used the Defold engine and the Lua programming language. Defold is

primarily a winner as it has its own development environment, focuses on 2D mobile games and

has a cross-platform approach. In addition, Defold is a King Ltd. product. King Ltd. made Candy Crush Saga and other games.

A.R.T Technik

... and that’s not all:

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