The Bonfire app is a digital workspace that helps remote teams foster social interaction and reduce isolation working remotely. Thus, the founders are primarily driven by the idea of contributing to an ever-changing business world and creating an immersive feeling of connectedness with a fun and interactive exchange. Basic ideas that we, as a digital studio with an open mind on modern work models, could absolutely relate to.


We approached the project in an agile process, prioritizing the first steps according to feasibility. In addition to building the landing page, as the user's first point of interest, a design system was created as a solid design foundation, as well as a complete refresh of the branding. Further steps were a detailed UX/UI analysis and a subsequent consultation on funnel optimizations and the app design.

  • Digital rebranding
  • Usability analysis & consulting
  • User experience concept
  • User interface design
  • Microcopy
  • Animation & illustration
  • Stategic consulting

Fire Up Interest

Based on a strategic analysis, a concept for a new landing page was developed as an essential part of the user journey. As a basis, a well structured design system was created that provides guidance for further work on the product.


The conceptional idea was to make the digital workspace and the overall brand emotionally tangible and experienceable. The one-pager therefore emphasizes a playful UI with short but meaningful texts and a transparent insight into the app itself.


A strong branding for a trustworthy brand.

It quickly became clear that in order to position the Bonfire brand strongly, there also needed to be a realignment in the corporate design. Round shapes describe the character of the brand and can be found in all parts of the design: the bulbous 'Poppins' font goes hand in hand with the round shapes of the illustration and UI elements, conveying the playful aspect of the app. The color palette consists of a natural turquoise hue that echoes the existing elements in color and emphasizes the naturalness of the brand. For a harmonious and strong contrast in the color spectrum, a bright orange underlines the brands values and finishes off a suitable branding.

Bonfire Illustration Cards

Once the fire burns.. 

The strategic analysis, the repositioning of the brand, the structuring of the design and the elaboration of the landing page should not be the end when a collaboration brings so much joy and exciting tasks.


An ongoing UX/UI analysis of the components implemented by Bonfire, an optimization of the funnel or the conceptual elaboration of a new onboarding process : we are happy to accompany the evolution of the brand.

Bechem Design System

Further UX/UI consulting 

For a funnel optimization and an improved user experience also within the app, a detailed UX/UI analysis of the already implemented components was carried out and the implementing development team was supported in an advisory capacity. This way, the complete user journey should feel like one signature and be fun for the user to use. Classic UX/UI principles, such as the principle of "Staged Disclousure" provide the analytical and strategic basis and manifest the planned optimization measures.

Bechem Technik
Bonfire Design System