BECHEM is a global solution provider for industrial lubricants. The relaunch of the website should reflect the historical background of the company ("The original since 1834"), but also its courage and innovative power. In line with the motto "Less is more", we wanted to jointly merge brand message and product advice and take them to a new level in a customer oriented way.

  • User experience concept
  • User interface design 
  • Content strategy
  • Technical concept & implementation
  • Product database interface

Product filtering and enquiry tool

Recup Mobile Version

What we have created

We faced those challenges on a strategic, design and technical level. Within a reduced, clear and yet spacious design world, the central reference points is a very (very, very!) extensive product database with sophisticated search and filter functionality, as well as the logically unified inquiry and consultation process - all modest, but still tangible. In addition, engaging content teasers, overview, content and information pages - we are once again pleased to have created a beautiful digital product out of a presumably technical-dry subject!

Bechem Design System
Recup Design Element

The technology behind it

In order to be able to display the large amount of product data in five different languages, a unique interface was developed from the existing PIM system to the CMS NEOS that we use. For the 800 imported products, more than 17,000 data sheets are provided on the site, which can be downloaded depending on the customer status.

To ensure that the customer quickly finds the right product, the product search and filtering was developed and optimized based on a VueJs application.

Bechem Technik
Bechem Neos
Recup War Room