With its portfolio of more than 40,000 items, A.R.T. Elektromechanik-Vertriebs-GmbH offers a variety of diverse products and accessories for the electronics industry.


We were fascinated (and still are) by how these tiny modules hold everything together and how ubiquitous they are. We therefore wanted to show that great things come in small packages – by placing them at the center of the company’s new digital presence.

  • Communication strategy
  • User experience concept
  • User interface design
  • Animation design
  • Content strategy
  • Technical concept & implementation
A.R.T Mobile Version

The devil’s in the detail

A tiny part can hold the whole picture together – but only when “the connection is right”.  This new core and claim for the brand was visualized on the homepage of the website via a meticulously hand-crafted stop motion film, created shot by shot together with the client. Through this, we were able to present a major part of the fastening product range, as well as light guides, LED accessories and protective caps etc.


With this vast number of products which often have many different characteristics, dimensions, and attributes (sometimes up to 60 per item!) our focus was on providing the best possible overview through an individually developed UX/UI design. Through this, a portal was created which was absolutely in tune with the customer's motto “We'll find what you're searching for”, which enables buyers to perform a simple and targeted selection through a clearly structured information architecture.

A.R.T Mobile und Tablet Version
A.R.T Components
A.R.T Design Components
A.R.T design wireframes
A.R.T Kleine Teile

Finding the needle in the haystack

Based on the individual design, massive adjustments and special developments were also necessary in Shopware. Sensible illustrative forms had to be found for the complex data

structure of the more than 40,000 items. A bi-directional interface enables both the import of

items, image material, and properties into the website, as well as the export of customer

enquiries into the A.R.T. merchandise management system.

A.R.T Technik