Small, but wow – they pack a punch! A.R.T. Elektromechanik-Vertriebs-GmbH offers more than 40,000 items for the electronics industry, and most of them are pretty small.


To ensure that these minuscule parts – from fixtures to fiber optics, LED accessories to protective caps – are pushed into the spotlight, we completely rebranded in addition to the new corporate website.

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ART Logo and Branding

When it’s right, you just know.

It’s not just the focus on small parts in joining technology, it’s also the personal bond that A.R.T. has with the customer that inspired us in developing the new core and claim for the brand: “The connection is right”. This is visually represented by the plus symbol in the new logo, among other elements. The color palette was reduced to two blue tones and accent colors are only used selectively in the product categories. 


The contour of the figurative mark reappears in the very shape of the communication media. Here, for the complete rebranding, we have also set the corporate advertising literature center stage, alongside the entire business stationary and the product catalog. All of our communication media exudes a feeling of closeness and connection between company and customers. A.R.T. thus demonstrates that it is one of the few companies in this sector to know that the personal touch and an eye for detail make all the difference.

ART Branding Formad-D
ART Branding Formad-D
ART Branding Formad-D

... and that’s not all:

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