We design and conceptualize meaningful digital products and unique brand experiences, and we are excited to welcome individuals who share a passion for state-of-the-art development.

An employer of substance
The foundation of our work

As a studio for digital products and brand experiences, we transform brand strategies into digital customer experiences. Thanks to intensive collaboration with our project partners, we quickly develop a deep understanding of brands, processes, and organizations, advising on future digital presence, which we then implement through mutual exchange. Throughout the entire process, team-developed values are important to us, without which we could no longer envision collaborative work

We rely on individual responsibility

We not only embrace a high level of responsibility towards our products and processes, but we also aim to collaborate flexibly, freely, and with a sense of personal responsibility. We care for each other, considering individual and team-aligned working methods. 

We are a culture of open feedback

We provide positive feedback and express gratitude, but we also openly and fairly address challenges and problems. Constructive feedback is, for us, a part of an appreciative culture that, in our opinion, promotes personal development and strengthens self-confidence.

We love it at eye level

We communicate openly, honestly, and directly with each other, never about each other. Every opinion is valued, and bringing in personal perspectives is expressly encouraged. A sustainable development of our corporate culture is of great importance to us.

Daily Business
What do you do in frontend developoment at Format D?

As part of our creative and interdisciplinary process, you will work together and in close collaboration with your project team, consisting of project management, strategy and development, on customised web applications, platforms, portals and complex software solutions. Your tasks will also include the technical conception of the information architecture and intensive collaboration with UI and UX Design. 


During the agile implementation of the products in a sprint process, you are primarily responsible for the integration of the Figma design system into the respective content management system (e.g. Neos, Shopware), as well as technical SEO and testing. In addition, you will accompany our long-term customers and their products during further development and support tasks.


A good fit 

Why you fit

We understand that one can never know everything and that the concept of the 'jack of all trades' is quite old-fashioned and unrealistic. We value not a polished resume, but above all, a good human fit and your willingness to actively contribute.


  • You are interested in our tech stack, consisting of Html, Css/Sass, Javascript, NEOS Fusion, NEOS AFX, Vue.js, React and frameworks such as Tailwind and Bootstrap
  • You already have experience with front-end integration in content management and e-commerce systems such as Neos, Shopware and TYPO3
  • You enjoy turning solution ideas, sketches, wireframes, prototypes and designs into a functioning frontend in an interdisciplinary team
  • The exchange with strategy and design is an enrichment in your eyes and speaking the same language is a benefit for the product

  • You are driven by high quality standards and a passion for digital products
  • Working in a team is essential for you, both with your internal team and with your customers
That's what we support

We believe that diversity is what makes great teamwork, and different individuals have their own unique personal and professional needs. We want everyone to feel comfortable with and in their work, to unfold freely, and to be able to develop further. 


  • Flexible workspace, whether in the office, at home, or while working out of the office in our agency bus
  • Our shared VW bus "Karl" for your next vacation
  • A fair and transparent salary model
  • State-of-the-art technical equipment
  • Discounted Urban Sports/ EGYM Wellpass membership
  • Participation in professional events
  • The opportunity to write articles for renowned trade magazines
  • Job bike subsidy
And now?
Your Journey to and with us

You are welcome to call Carina or send her an email. Just send us what you would like to share with us about yourself. A few additional words about you as a person, your expectations, and wishes would also be appreciated. 

Together with the team, we will review your application and get in touch with you once we have initial feedback. Typically, you can expect to hear from us within about one week. 

Carina will tell you a bit more about us, our working methods and our products in an initial conversation. She will surely also want to find out more about you. Depending on which area you are applying for, this will be followed by a deep dive and, for positions in Development, a short coding experience with people from the respective team. Preferably in person at our office, of course, so that you can get to know the rest of the team.

It is always important to us that we fit together both professionally and personally. That's why we take a lot of time to get to know each other and are of course more than happy if there's a match! We then simply discuss the rest together so that we can all look forward to a great future together!

If you're unsure whether the position is the right fit, reach out to Carina, and let's figure it out together. We look forward to hearing from you!

Carina Spitzner
New Relations