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What it's ALL about

Scansor is a B2B software that allows SAP system administrators to monitor the current status of their complex systems in real time. In the event of an emergency, they are immediately notified via push notifications and a mobile app. 

For provider itesys, we planned, designed and implemented an entire communication package with the Scansor software solution at its center, including licenses and maintenance agreements, as well as a customized e-commerce platform complete with product advisor. 

The resulting concept


  • Consultation on digital business logic 
  • Content and text strategy
  • Illustration
  • Screen design
  • Technical implementation
  • Brand Identity
  • Naming
  • Print production

Creatively, we based the software product’s design on the system’s concept of “real-time data from the heart” and the resulting “cool heads” of the system administrators. This was packaged in discreetly animated storytelling using code-based vector illustrations (no graphic files). The product advisor is a central part of the platform and uses a systematic query of relevant factors related to the SAP environment to suggest the necessary number of sensors and thus the suitable package. We also implemented the naming, branding and development of the Scansor figurative and word trademarks.

Scansor  ModulScansor - Mobile MockupsScansor Moodboard
Scansor - SAP System Screencast
Scansor Launch bei Format D
Scansor Moodboard

The underlying technology

Shopware Icon


Once more the Shopware foundation underwent huge expansions and adjustments. Purchasing and upgrading licenses, booking and extending maintenance agreements as well as the associated extensive automated e-mail communication in particular required the implementation of a very specific business logic within the shop system.

Scansor Vektor Animation
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