What it’s all about

REXCAR is a B2B auction platform for selling vehicles. This means that REXCAR creates a direct link between car dealerships which want to sell trade-in and lease-return vehicles and the car dealers who wish to buy them.
The entire project was developed from scratch: REXCAR is a great start-up company with a lot of know-how and an impressive, clear strategic vision. There were no predecessor businesses, no relaunch, no rebranding, no re-anything, no marketing department and no e-bay rip-offs. This entailed a lot of work in every respect. However the proof is in the pudding!

The resulting concept


  • Master plan
  • Content and text strategy
  • Iconography
  • Screen design
  • Technical implementation
  • Brand identity
  • Naming
  • Business stationary

Our service comprised comprehensive support of the start-up company, including consultation, from the very beginning: from deciding on a name through the entire corporate design through the implementation of an extensive and technically complex vehicle auction platform.
A modern, graphic and respectable image was created here, which serves as a framework for bringing car dealerships and dealers together without any hassle. The application´s  interface is easy to use: Despite the portal’s many complex functions and features (real-time auction mechanics, saveable searches, management of purchaser circles, multi-client capability etc.), the user gets a clear, easy-to-use and fast operation.

Zur Website


The main focus of the design is to link car dealerships and car dealers together. Color themes designed in a subtle, modern and aesthetically pleasing way provide clear orientation. Sophisticated information architecture and specially developed icon sets support easy, intuitive operation. Meanwhile the complex technology behind it always remains “under the hood”, as one of our goals was to design the platform so that it was similar to an app, and therefore fun to use.

rexcar devices searchrexcar-app

The underlying technology



The REXCAR platform was realized with the Flow framework and a few expansion modules, some of which have been developed in-house. The real-time auction function proved one of the big challenges. In addition to a lot of work in conception and programming alone, we also had to put some elbow grease into the testing process. Providing, selecting and filtering vehicle data is done via an interface to the DAT Group (Deutsche Automobil Treuhand). Using Elasticsearch, we implemented the search function and also enabled search queries to be saved. Furthermore we used the React.js framework, which makes our platform appear as simple as an app.



 We took on the challenge of naming the REXCAR brand. We also planned and designed the business’ whole stationary as well as the online vehicle auction platform itself.
Here, we wanted to create a clear design line by using graphics that characterize the brand and a modern color palette. The focus was on bringing together the car dealership and the dealer, which was our guiding theme: The two groups are represented by different colors, and combining the two colors produces the base color for this platform, which unites the two groups.

rexcar devices searchRexcar-ComplimentCard
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