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Regumed is the market-leading manufacturer of medical devices for the bioresonance treatment method, which is a special diagnostic and therapeutic procedure, that appeals to doctors and non-medical practitioners in the human and veterinary field, as well as self-therapy interested patients. Regumed didn't just commission us to conduct the relaunch of their website, but also the complete brand strategy, the corporate design, and other associated tasks.

THE resulting concept


  • Brand strategy
  • Corporate design
  • Total concept
  • Content and text strategy
  • Screen design
  • Illustration
  • Photo shootings
  • Technical implementation
  • Advertising campaign and mailing
  • explainer video


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Special Kudos

The complex activity field and the exciting methodology with oscillations and cell communication required a special analysis and conception on our part. We started with a workshop where we gained a detailed overview of Regumed's process, market, audiences, vision, mission, and core values, and repositioned the company based on the information we accrued.

The interface design

It was therefore crucial in the next step to render this market positioning highly recognizable, tangible, and of course also perceptible, and thus create a special user experience.
On the start page, a design with double exposure effects and an animated particle system visualizes energy particles and electromagnetic impulses in the body. 
On the one hand, the design is cool and medical-themed, and on the other hand natural and understandable which gives the site an atmosphere of innovation and authenticity.


Regumed MapRegumed ChartRegumed Patient
Regumed Bicom ProductsRegumed Quote
Regumed Icons 1
Regumed Icons 2

The underlying technology



The website, which is based on the TYPO3 CMS, was implemented in four languages, localized for several countries, and is fully responsive. A login area for therapists and several individual modules and extensions complete the system.

Regumed Technik

Corporate design

We are always particularly pleased and of course also proud when a design language which was initially limited to the digital domain transitions into the “analogue world” and becomes the core theme of a campaign. In the case of Regumed, for example, the website was followed up by a comprehensive corporate design project including photo shoots for brochures, notices, and other advertising material. This visual reorientation of the entire brand appearance provides Regumed with a perfect foundation for current and future communication activities.

Regumed BusinesscardsRegumed FlyerRegumed Magazine
Regumed Letter PaperRegumed Magazine Close Up
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