Here is Fabi, Fabi Fabelwesen


The Laboratory Becker & Kollegen was founded as one of the first medical laboratories in Germany. The range of services offered by the medium-sized company includes the complete scope of medical laboratory analysis tasks. We were already greatly impressed after our first tour around the high-tech company. This also applies to the cooperation, since the projects could hardly have been more diverse.

THE resulting concept


  • Total concept
  • Storyboard and text
  • Screen design
  • Illustration
  • Scoring
  • Technical implementation


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Award of Distinction

Initially, the laboratory’s new website was realized along with a digital bill of quantities. This included the brand workshop, photo shootings, and the filming. Afterwards, a customized intranet was also created. Then things became playful: There was a desire to create a mobile game app, to help alleviate the fear of needles (not only) for children. And we created the magical Fabi, Fabi the Mythical Creature. But that's not all: The second app that we developed called Bambinipass, gives parents a direct and extensive overview of their children’s health. And there were also the corresponding analogue communication materials such as flyers and posters.

Labor Becker Mockup

Fabi, the game against the fear

This app uses a game to prepare children for an injection: Fabi enjoys getting pricked by children. You will accompany Fabi to the doctor, and you are able to cycle through the entire injection procedure yourself. This is aimed at not only helping the children, but also parents and doctors. We are very happy that we were able to bring Fabi to life, after many, many drafts and illustrations.


Fabi PosterFabi Sketch
Fabi PraxisFabi Animation
Fabi Mobile Game
Fabi Icons 1
Fabi Icons 2

The underlying technology


Fabi – not only fun for children but also a new experience for our developers. This was our first project using the Defold engine and the programming language Lua. Defold is a particularly useful tool since it provides its own development environment, and focuses on 2D mobile games, and the cross-platform approach. Defold is also a product of King Ltd., makers of the Candy Crush Saga and Co.

Fabi Technik


With a Bambinipass, parents are able to gain an overview of their children's milestone examination dates, receive reminders for them, and they can also enter overcome illnesses and administered vaccinations.


Bambinipass IconBambinipass Animation
Bambinipass ProfileBambinipass List
Bambinipass Mobile
Bambinipass Icons 1
Bambinipass Icons 2

The underlying technology


Bambinipass has been implemented with React Native from Facebook. On the one hand, we benefited from processes and technologies of the React ecosystem that were known from web development and, on the other hand, we were able to access native features such as the camera function of the smartphone.

Bambinipass Technik
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