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The A.R.T. Elektromechanik-Vertriebs-GmbH offers many different products and accessories for the electrical industry with a range of more than 40,000 items. Not only the passion for the small connection technology parts, but also the personal contact to customers on the part of A.R.T. enabled us to develop the brand’s new core and claim: “The connection is perfect”.

THE resulting concept


  • Brand strategy
  • Corporate design
  • Total concept
  • Content and text strategy
  • Screen design
  • Technical implementation
  • Business equipment
  • Advertising materials

It fascinated us (and it still does!) what these little building blocks can hold together, and the many places they can be found. This is why we aimed to showcase them in a very special way through a new digital media: With an extreme attention to detail, we created a stop-motion film together with the customer for the landing page of the website - picture by picture by picture... Through this, we were able to present a major part of the fastening product range, as well as light guides, LED accessories and protective caps etc. And then a lot more was set into emotion – we were asked to redesign the complete business equipment range: Company logo, business cards, letterheads, catalogs, sample orders... simply everything!

The interface design

With this vast number of products which often have many different characteristics, dimensions, and attributes (sometimes up to 60 per item!) our focus was on providing the best possible overview through an individually developed UX/UI design. Through this, a portal was created which was absolutely in tune with the customer's motto “We'll find what you're searching for”, which enables buyers to perform a simple and targeted selection through a clearly structured information architecture.


A.R.T. Elektromechanik ShootingA.R.T. Elektromechanik AnimationA.R.T. Elektromechanik Sketch
A.R.T. Elektromechanik PartsA.R.T. Elektromechanik LED
A.R.T. Elektromechanik Icons 1
A.R.T. Elektromechanik Icons 2

The underlying technology



Based on the individual design, massive adjustments and special developments were also necessary in Shopware. Sensible illustrative forms had to be found for the complex data structure of the more than 40,000 items. A bi-directional interface enables both the import of items, image material, and properties into the website, as well as the export of customer enquiries into the A.R.T. merchandise management system.

A.R.T. Elektromechanik Technik


It all revolves around the brand claim “The connection is perfect” - both for the products as well as the connection between A.R.T. and its customers. This is represented by the plus symbol in the new logo. The outline of the image mark is reflected in the form of the respective means of communication. The color range has been reduced to two shades of blue, and only selective accent colors are used in the product categories. 


A.R.T. Elektromechanik LogoA.R.T. Elektromechanik BusinesscardsA.R.T. Elektromechanik Book
A.R.T. Elektromechanik Letter PaperA.R.T. Elektromechanik Card
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