We are very happy about our new colleague. He's a really good coder who works in our team.


His curiosity and experience in a wide variety of web technologies blows our socks off every time. He is familiar with modern software architecture and develops with all his passion. What he can exactly do is actually secondary, because he and the job are always evolving. This is why he suits us so well.


He takes care of complex development tasks, such as the architecture and implementation of individual online applications, CMS applications or eBusiness solutions in a team with great colleagues and customers.


He purposefully hits the buttons when it comes to PHP, Javascript, CSS, React, or when shopware and Neos systems are pulled up. Or: He convinces the team about the next hot shit, with which we can create even better online experiences for our customers. Because we never stop learning.


Regardless of his tech stack, he has an agile and curious mindset and enjoys teamwork - that’s what we like most about him!


He, in turn, thinks it's great that he is flexible in choosing his workplace. And he can dance at international conferences in the evening and, the morning after, read a freshly published article by himself in a renowned magazine. Not to mention the Working Out Of Office from the VW bus.


The only point:

We're still looking for him. If you know where he is, please get in touch with us.