starting in autumn 2023

We create meaningful digital products and brand experiences. Therefore we need people who understand what’s beyond. Are you in ?


May we introduce  

We are a rather small team with a huge privilege: For 16 years we have been able to do what we really love and can do best – developing products that link brands and people throughout the digital world and beyond. Moreover, we are a bunch of curious minds with full focus on inspiring teamwork. Meeting on an equal basis in trustful projects with our clients is a matter of the heart for us. 


What you can do with us

You learn and work in an interdisciplinary team and state-of-the-art, collaborative methods on individual digital products and development tasks. Websites, online applications, CMS applications or e-business solutions. Parallel to your work with our team on various web projects, you will learn a lot about software development, complex IT projects, app development, algorithms and programming. In addition, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the areas of software engineering, UX/UI design, business informatics, media informatics and artificial intelligence during your studies. This combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience enables you to complete your dual studies with a bachelor thesis in the context of your own development project.


That’s what we do - the nerdy stuff

Our tech-stack includes pretty much everything that has to do with HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and MySQL. Our preferred Content-Management- and eCommerce-Systems are NEOS, Shopware and TYPO3. We work with frameworks like Flow or Symfony, with tools and libraries like React, Vue, Webpack and Node and we count on CI/CD by Docker and Gitlab. 


Why you fit to us

You see your future in development and can't wait to get really good at coding. Digital solutions and platforms excite you and you want to learn the contents of your studies not only in theory, but also work on exciting, agile projects yourself and constantly expand your tech stack. Your curiosity and passion drive you and you really want to work closely together in a cross-functional team.


What’s on top

- Individual training and know-how sharing with others

- The opportunity to write articles for renowned magazines/journals

- Modern mobile equipment (MacBook Pro, iPhone, ...)

- The loveliest colleagues and clients

- Really good organic coffee, tea, fruit, soda and more in our cafeteria

- A flexible workspace - at the office, at home, or working out of office in the outdoors

- Our VW Bus Karl for your next road trip / holiday



Interested? For more information about the dual study program, please contact Carina.

We are looking forward to meeting you! 

Carina Spitzner als Ansprechpartner für Anfragen

Carina Spitzner
New Relations