The Brand eins magazine is writing about our Analogue traits.

The top decision-makers from the media, advertising, and industry consider Brand eins as one of the most important and best-made German magazines. The fact that this magazine decided to write an article about us and our way of working makes us extremely proud. We were also impressed by the editor’s journalistic work methods and research skills. The focus was on how and where a digital agency utilizes pen and paper, or works using analogue methodology. The editors of Brand eins visited us for an entire day in Munich, and conducted in-depth interviews with five employees on this topic, photographed them, and also examined them on social media channels. It was a very exciting day for all those involved, and we anxiously awaited the publication because the final article wasn't disclosed to us in advance. 

The full article is available online here:

Brand Eins MagazineBrand Eins Subline
Brand Eins Article
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